Friday, 12 July 2013

Well I Never...

Actually, I guess I did! Last night, during the latest episode of Insomnia Central, I sat staring at the latest empty mailing packet which had cared for my latest paperback edition.  In fact, it was the courtesy copy of the second edition of For the Sake of Mercy.  Anyway, that's beside the point.  As I said, I was staring at the empty packet and it kept enticing me with faint whispers.  By about 3 a.m., my resistance hit bottom, and I gave in to  its blandishments.  I picked it up, and it instantly demonstrated, by the waving of its corrugated cardboard sections, what I must do.  There was a part of me which still suggested that the surgery I was about to perform was  ungrateful, but the Tempter was dominant by now.

With more care than you might expect of somebody operating on virtually zero sleep for more than a week, I made a few marks in pen, including using a CD as a template for a curve.  In what can probably be described as a moment of unconventional thinking, I also used my Kobo Mini eReader as a template, to draw the apertures I was being told I needed.  With the judicious use of a pair of ambidextrous scissors (mightily useful when you need to be able to swap hands while cutting!) and a  pruning knife I have had for many years, The gross shaping took place, the cardboard surgery.  A few checks proved that the end panels this produced would be very difficult to fix in place.  A careful piece of more scissor work trimmed the sides off one of the pieces left after excision to create the end panel apertures, and I had two slightly shaped strips which would serve me well.  The application of a gel type glue fixed these strips at each end of the base, forming 'stops' for the end panels.  More of the glue (having done battle with the strings it produced) along the inside edge of each 'stop' strip, and the firm positioning of the flaps, was the final step.  Okay, so I also turned the construction upside down and placed a large heavy book on it, to keep the flaps in the right places until the glue had set, but that hardly counts as a step.

With the glue dry, only one more thing remained to be done.  All right!  Two things.  First, there was the ceremonious placement of my collection of my very own paperback editions of my books upon this carefully crafted 'shelf'.  The second, some hours later, I admit, was the taking of a photograph so that I could share my triumph with a world that will doubtless think me a very sad individual!

It is with (foolish) pride that I give you my Recycled Book Mailer Shelf:

Recycled Book Mailer Shelf by Steve K Smy, 2013

All comments are welcome, even the mockery I probably deserve!


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